Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last Words From Calgary

Written in: Calgary, Alberta, CANADA - on own Desktop
Composed: impromptu

I had thought of starting a blog about my trip at about the same time that I decided I'd like to go on a trip. But like many other ideas I have, it was filed away in the inner recesses of my consciousness, waiting to be unlocked at a later date. Like diamonds in the rough, these ideas sit and are nothing more than but the personal musings of a confused, perhaps even deranged, mind. In this state these ideas will remain so. That is, until the same mind decides to play jeweler and finally take a rock of an idea and out of it, make a gem.

Quite an elegant way of describing procrastination, wouldn't you say?

Quite an audacious claim as well. In so many words, I'm pretty much saying that this blog is


...this blog is the gem which I present to you.

Well, I'm working on that. This is just the first post you see. And it is being made HOURS before my departure.

I should have done this sooner.

I've never been one to have writer's block - as many would attest, the trouble is in limiting what I have to say. But for some reason, it honestly took me a while to put order into my own thoughts, let alone stringing them together into words coherent to the average (sane) person.

The problem too, I suppose, with making a written account of one's trip is... what exactly does one write PRIOR to the trip? I suppose I could tell you my intentions for embarking on such a long trip (four months); my reasons, my rationale, and my thought process as I finalized the decision, made the provisions, and made the preparations.

But that's all irrelevant now. I'm going on a trip, and I'm excited.

All the events, decisions, and emotions that went on behind the desire to undergo this journey will become apparent little by little.

Retrospect as a foundation for a frame story.

This is all for now, and my next post will undoubtedly be in the Philippines.


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