Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Arrival in Vancouver

Written in: Poblacion, Town of Sta. Maria, Province of Bulacan, PHILIPPINES
Composition: Skeletal Notes/Impromptu - Speaking of an event 14 days prior.
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Vancouver was a place not much warmer than Calgary when I arrived. I was expecting a transition from the monotonous and monochromatic white that engulfed Calgary into a more verdant hue that the West coast is known for year round. This was not to be the case. Days prior this westernmost province of Canada experienced a rare snowstorm that bogged down transportation, communication, and electrical services. This was the reason why Flight AC211 was cancelled.

Normally a place that experiences a milder form of winter, it too seemed to be under the same wintry curse cast over Calgary that Tuesday the 28th of November 2006. From the Canadian Rockies that splits the southern half of the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, the blanket of white spread


as far Westwards as the coast.

Only the unfrozen blue ocean, visible on our final descent, served as the first true reminder that I was on a journey to some place entirely different.

Because I left Calgary earlier, I had to wait longer for my Trans Pacific, arctic route, Flight - Vancouver to HongKong. To pass the time, I struck up conversations with other Filipinos who would be with me in the flight.

A seasoned traveller's tip: Never get left behind. Failing that, never get left behind alone.

Breaking the ice is easy enough with a fellow Filipino for obvious reasons. But what then after that? I suddenly recalled my early experiences as a migrant in Canada.

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