Thursday, December 14, 2006

Manila and the Philippines

Written in: Poblacion, Town of Sta.Maria, Province of Bulacan, PHILIPPINES
Composition: Impromptu - speaking of events two weeks ago.
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The remainder of the Vancouver to HongKong, via the arctic route, flight proved again to be uneventful.

So uneventful, all I remember was that I would start watching a movie, and then waking up during the credits after having fallen asleep. Not sound sleep by any means, unfortunately.

Disembarking the aircraft at HongKong, I caught my first whiff of a hotter, more humid, and heavy air closer to the tropics.

It'll only get heavier and hotter in my final destination.

The HongKong to Manila flight only lasted about an hour and 45minutes. By this point, I had been travelling for close to 20 hours. Perhaps this was why when we landed, I felt no exhiliration, no excitement.

Just a general feeling that I'm glad it's over.

The local time was around 0130, 30th of November 2006. Having crossed the international date line opposite the Earth's rotation meant I had lost a full day.

The flight was filled Filipinos from all walks of life, from all parts of North America (and those we picked up from HongKong), going to all parts of the Philippines.

Yet, this wasn't the indication that I was home - I had been to many Filipino gatherings outside of the Philippines. What told me I was finally home was this:

A Filipiniana band, welcoming us home.

That about says it all.

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