Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Retrospective Bias

Written in: an Internet Cafe, Poblacion, Town of Sta. Maria, Province of Bulacan, PHILIPPINES
Composition: Skeletal notes/Impromptu
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The other problem with recording your thoughts after the fact is that you are given the chance to editorialize. Retrospective Bias is what I would personally label this phenomenon.

Beyond the inevitable omission of certain little details, there too is a sense of decisiveness in every opinion and position. The end has already happened- you have already made the choices. Unless you are to take things back and blatantly change your position - and sometimes even if you did so - you are irrevocably, irretrievably, and sometimes irreparably where you are. All that is left is to justify this final position - in narrating what has already happened, you end up presenting things in a manner which uses the circumstances surrounding everything to prop up the choices you have already made, and the positions you have already taken.

So why tell you all this? In effect, aren't I saying that whatever you read then is tainted by


MY own personal bias and personal desire to present certain viewpoints?

Well, isn't everything in life?

Any story, description or narration you hear, you hear through someone else. It has already gone through the human subjective filter.

And this work - this was through my filter.

I thank you for reading.


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