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A Short Visit to Meycauayan
13th of January, 2007

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Another Balikbayan from Tumana, now a permanent resident of Calgary, Alberta, arrived for a vacation on the 11th of January. He had for me, things which my brother and parents had consigned as pasalubong (in this application: gifts) . I received 1x Tripod for the vintage Canon Powershot A40 that I am using for this trip, 1x 1Gb memory card for the vintage Canon Powershot A40 that I am using for this trip, and 1x envelope for my Tito Boy in Meycauayan

I do not expect to use the tripod anytime soon by way that it's a tad too bulky to be portable. And I'm not entirely sure how I'd bring it back to Canada either. The Memory Card however is a blessing. So far I had actually been conserving shots for fear of running out of memory, taking only tens at a time. But with this card, I can take pictures in the hundreds, even thousands in my 2MP vintage beater point and shoot. Expect my photo galleries to increase in size.

Since I had something for Tito Boy, I decided I'd use it as an excuse to visit them and spend a weekend with my cousins in Meycauayan.

I 'bribed' cousin Marco to drive me there by treating him to Pizza Hut's family dinner - which the two of us scarfed down no problem. Our panulak (Tagalog Idiom: a drink to 'wash down' food) of choice was San Miguel Brewery's "San Mig Light". Being light beer, I had it with a slice of lime Corona-style. I think I'm starting a trend here! I've already introduced the practice of making a slice of lime swim inside a bottle of light beer to a few other people and they like it!, the visit to Meycauayan wasn't really much. We had a jam session on Tito Boy's rooftop patio. Jared played the electric guitar. James used the acoustic as rhythm. And John Paul provided percussion with the drum-tambourine thing they had. While I did the beer-drinking duties.

Rock on. What a bunch of cool guys.

I had a vague wish that if I were to have children, we'd all be buddies just like Tito Boy and his 3 guys., and Tita Tess, as always, was ever so kind to me. Oh, I also emailed my older brother, Ian, "Happy Birthday". I was a day late greeting him in the 13th, but in Canada, it would have been still the 12th - his birthday.

I came back to Sta. Maria the next day and made it in time for Tito Nato's post birthday salo salo (gathering).

There were oysters, roasted chicken, and more San Mig Light. Yum!

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