Friday, March 23, 2007

The Chocolate Hills and other Landmarks - a teaser post

Written in: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Composition: Here and now.
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Almost as soon as my feet landed in Cebu, I was trying to find my way to Bohol.

I only had two full days before my flight out for Bacolod - if I wanted to see what Bohol had to offer, I needed to get there fast. So, right from the airport, I took an airport car to Cebu's Pier 1, bought fast-craft ferry tickets (with a return trip to Cebu) to Tagbilaran City, and was there by nightfall. The next morning I took a bus to Carmen - perhaps the best viewpoint to see the world famous Chocolate Hills (save for a balloon flight over the whole landscape perhaps).

Chocolate hills is best visited only as a day trip. I was too tired however, to make the way back that same day. So, I checked in at the Chocolate Hills Hotel and Restaurant and slept the night. the way back to Tagbilaran City Pier, I hired a motorcycle to take me back through the same scenic route. Just so I could check out Bohol's famous landmarks and other points of interest (even saw the Tarsier!). Service was so good we even made a stopover at Tagbilaran's post office so I could mail off a photo CD.

That night, in Cebu, I again regretted having plotted a route on paper. Backpacking is supposed to be more spontaneous than this. When you enjoy something, stay a while. When you have to go, GO.

The thing was, I bought plane tickets from one waypoint to the other because I took advantage of a sale that Cebu Pacific Airlines was having a few months ago.


Oh well. I'll do things differently in the future.

On the plus side, the next time I go backpacking around this beautiful country, I won't have to see Chocolate Hills anymore! You see it once, and that memorable image of perfectly symmetrical hills extending almost as far as the horizon should be enough for a lifetime.

The next time I go to Bohol, will be just for the beaches. I heard Anda, and Panglao Island have wonderful stretches of white sand.

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