Friday, March 16, 2007

Sabang Beach and the Subterrenean River - A Teaser Post

Written in: Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princessa City, Palawan, PHILIPPINES
Composition: Impromptu.
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I am writing this in Puerto Princessa, Palawan. I left for Davao a week ago, Palawan was my first true backpacking adventure. In Davao, I lodged with a very nice and very friendly family. Although I had one day all to myself where I toured downtown Davao, it still didn't feel like a proper adventure.

Well, having just spent 3 nights and 2 days in Sabang Beach, Palawan - where I saw the Subterrenean River, made friends with experienced backpackers, and discovered the wonders of travelling on 1 part whim and 1 part guts - I can say, I FINALLY HAD AN ADVENTURE.

Though I wish I can see all of Puerto Princessa's charms up close, there simply isn't enough time. I left for Sabang only hours after having touched down at Puerto Princessa airport - and am back here at Puerto with only enough time to catch a flight tomorrow. Perhaps I can enjoy the nightlife for one night, but a flight tomorrow means I would have to cut things early.

Oh well. Gotta save some things for future backpacking adventures, right?

Continued:'s the thing; when I was planning this trip and buying tickets, I had somewhat of a timetable to do things:
I wanted to get as far as I can from Puerto Princessa in the arrival day. Then, have a night at some remote beach, spend a full day there then travel back to the city the next day. That way, the 3 full days would be split between the two.

Well, it so happened that I became so enamored with Sabang Beach, and the other wonders it had to offer that, I only got back late today - my last full day in Palawan.

Next stop: Cebu.

At least that's what my plane ticket says...

I heard Bohol is barely an hour away via high speed ferryboat.

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