Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Got the Rhythm back.
Sleeping well... but thinking straight?
or.. "suffering from Post-vacation withdrawal symptoms"

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Composition: Here and now.

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I have my sleep patterns in tune with this timezone now. A big help that the weather isn't all gloomy anymore like it was all of last week. With a definite difference between a warm sunny day, and the cool dark night, it's a lot easier to adjust sleep. I see sun, I stay up. I see dark, I sleep. But with depressingly overcast skies during the daytime, I end up doing nothing but nap and then curse at night for not being able to sleep.

Sun = Good!

I'm working again too. For four months I only spent money; it's a nice feeling that cash is flowing IN again, instead of always out. It is the same summer job I did last year, and the year before - the year I finished school.

Yup. I'm settling into old patterns quite nicely.


For four months I was living almost every day with a new and unique experience. I treasured, relished, and noted every moment that I spent in the Philippines during my whole stay. Good ones, bad ones. All of them provided me with experiential lessons.


And now what? I'm back here, following a predictable pattern of work, exercise, then some recreation. Doing all this in an orderly, peaceful, utterly dull and boring 1st world nation.

When my brother, along with my parents, picked me up at the airport, he said, "Back in the real world, eh?"

No. I don't actually think so.

THAT (meaning the Third World, Developing World, call it what you want...) was the real world. Not here in the 'civilized west'. The struggle in the chaos, disorder, and grotesqueries of the third world has more reality in it. It is closer to the life we humans were living before we felt compelled to put order into everything. Civilization, with all its modern trappings, rules, repressed behaviour, and set predictable patterns is just a human construct. Property lined, socially mapped, and city planned Calgary is just human creation.

Maybe it's not fair to Canada. I did go into the Philippines ONLY as a visitor willing to sample anything and everything, and only for a limited amount of time.

Everything I saw and experienced was novel. Or after ten years of absence, the things I have previously seen and experienced, were all novel once again. With a touch of nostalgia to boot!

I didn't go to post secondary-school there. Didn't try and earn money and build a career. Never had to make monthly rent or mortgage. Never had to commute through Manila's traffic on a daily basis. And I certainly don't know what it's really like to build a life there.

No wonder then that instead of coming back to Canada with a newfound appreciation for living in the 1st world - I come back with only the fondest of memories and an adventurous (perhaps foolish) desire to go back there and try my hand with those kind of challenges.

It's like a drug - the Philippines I mean.

The people. The sights. The sounds. The smells. The culture. The situations I found myself in.

They were all very addictive. It was an LSD that gave me an existential trip, baby. Yeah!

And I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms.


I have to update this blog - I have been making steps into organizing the sidebar better. I also have to organize my pictures too. Oh, and I haven't really narrated anything about my backpacking, island-hopping trip, save for the teaser posts. Not to mention that I went to the capital for two weeks before that! Almost forgot..

I must get on with telling the story and the stories behind everything.

That might relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms.

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Blogger Sidney said...

I agree... the Philippines is addictive!
My time in the Philippines is counted (four more years to go) but I am afraid of the thought of going home. Everything in my home country is clean, well organized and rich but also so grey and lifeless...

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Sasha said...

I reckon you should. It's always nice to see my country through another person's eyes. I'm glad she touched you that way and that much. She will always welcome you back with arms wide open.

I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences. :-)

5:09 PM  
Blogger StrayDog said...

Hi Sasha,

I found out about your site just recently... by googling Sabang Beach, Palawan. Y'know; to search if anyone else has written about the place.

Now, I'm curious. Did I leave an online footprint that made you find out about my site? Or do I now appear on search engines?



9:59 AM  
Anonymous Sasha said...

Hey, sorry for not seeing this earlier and you had to ping me over at my blog. But hey, I just wanted to let you know I already responded. :)

3:04 PM  

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