Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just an Update.

Written on: My Own Desktop, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
Composition: Pretty drunk.

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Summer will be officially here in a few days. The last time I wrote anything, it wasn't even spring yet. Now, spring has come and will soon make way for summer. Life has returned to this land, the trees have gotten their green back, and the city is once again flourishing with outdoor activities.

A lot has happened since then. And In some respects a lot has happened to different aspects of 'me' since my last post. While in other respects, almost nothing.

This blog falls into one of the latter.

Although I have been making improvements to the sidebar, I am nowhere near telling even half this story. I promise to get on with that, ASAP.

No one might care, but I feel like I must. I started it after


 ... after all.

For, if not for you, if not for any audience (because who really reads my useless blather?) then I'm doing it for me; myself.



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