Monday, August 27, 2007

Calls to home.

Composition: Tipsy from Ruffino Chianti 2005, and full from Pizza 73's dry, tasteless, two for one, pizza.
Edited some words the day after, for more clarity

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I just called the Philippines today. I talked to my Cousin Jojo. I told him to give my regards to everyone. I wanted to talk to Cousin Marco as well, but there was no answer form his personal mobile phone. I think he's in campus- studying for his BAR exams. He'll be taking it this coming September, so I wanted to wish him good luck.

Last week, I called Ate Mireille as well.

I've never been one to call long distance too much. I absolutely terribly suck at talking over the phone. But the desire to speak to someone from the Philippines was just too much that I just had to ring. We talked about stuff about my trip to the Philippines. It's so unfortunate that I really only actually spent about 24 hours with Mireille.

Anywho, Ate Mireille is going to get Married the 16th of December. In Boracay.

And here I am planning a way to get there. I told her, half jokingly, to invite me just so


...just so I have an excuse to visit the Philippines and flee the Canadian winter.

I hate winter.

A week ago a co worker asked, after I ranted how in some ways Calgary sucks, why is it that people wanted to leave 'this' city (meaning Calgary). He mentioned that if every other place is the same in that it has its share of intellectuals and morons, fashionistas and beatniks, professionals and blue collar joes, elitists and socialists, dumbasses and keeners... (point being: "Home is what you make of it", to borrow a cliche) If every place is the same in these respects, why prefer one place over the other?

The next day I then replied:

"Saying that every place is the same due to having an equal representation of most socioeconomic groups, is just about the same as saying that we, as individual persons, are all the same because we have eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth."

I then continued on by philosophizing how, in order to spend the rest of our lives exclusively with a special someone, we usually cite the one criteria that we HAVE to be in love.

Why can't we be then in love with a place? I mean, when we pick a place to settle, we're pretty much saying that we're going to spend the rest of our lives there.

So what if the place I do, do love has a lot of flaws? What if I'm in love warts and all?

Sorry if it's a little disjointed. Blame Ruffino.

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