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Why Keep On Telling the Story?

Musings on Life, Identity, Society, Mortality, and how it all ties to this form of storytelling.

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The date was the 21st of May, 2007; just about a month after I got back from the Philippines.

The location was right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, west of the Great Divide.

I was sitting in the passenger side of my brother's Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. We were heading eastbound very early in the morning, going back to Calgary after having spent the weekend in Kelowna for the Knox Mountain Hillclimb.

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As I squinted through the windshield, I saw the sun just barely peeking over one of the numerous sharp and jagged snow capped peaks that characterize the Rocky Mountains. I grabbed both my brother's SLR and my beater Canon Powershot A40, 5 years vintage, and snapped some shots of this special and rare experience.

How rare? Sunrise over any mountain (single or range) in Canada is

Continued... Canada is something I've yet to experience too much of, seeing that here I am living east of the Rockies in Calgary. The closest mountain east of this city is thousands of kilometres away.

This suddenly triggered a few images from my Philippine trip. Having just come back a month prior, those memories were still very fresh in my mind. I thought of all the mountains I had seen whilst there. Whether I saw a sunrise or a sunset over them.

I then also thought of all the sunrises and sunsets I got to see.

What other land features did I see the sun emerge or disappear from? I asked myself. What about bodies of water?

Urban city scapes?

Who did I see and experience them with?

Then I thought of all the people who touched me during that trip...

One after the other memories came rushing forth. I may have been looking and admiring a Rocky Mountain Sunrise, but I was at the same time experiencing a recall cascade. It was like a word association game - just substitute words for experiences - that was unfolding inside my head.

This is the magic of memories.

We don't just store them inside our heads only to be recalled or relived later on. No. Memories are so much more than that. They become a part of us. With every new update to our archive of experiences and sensations; with every new addition to our scope of views; with every new image imbued in our mind's eye, we are irrevocably, irretrievably, and irreversibly changed.

For better or for worse.

And I am a changed person due to my Philippine experiences whether I like it or not. It is to that which I owe many a great changed viewpoints, realigned opinions, and reassessed priorities. It is to that which I blame for as to why there are things which I will never see, think of, or value the same way ever again.

But it doesn't have to be that I now 'see' everything from a whole new perspective. It could just very well be that I now see some things and get a certain feeling of...


Sunrise over a mountain isn't just another sunrise anymore.

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