Monday, March 29, 2010

A Promise.
I, Randy, do solemnly swear to finish this story by Fall of 2010.

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Narration: Nothing special. Just realized that I haven't touched this in a while.
And OMFG! I rule with the metaphors today.

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Edited, January 2014

I like history.

I like it for many reasons.

One of those reasons, and a reason that is relevant to this post, is because it has already passed and is rather immutable. If you actually look far enough through vast sequences of causality, you might just conclude that history happened, happened for a reason, and could not have happened any other way, given what has come prior.

Sure, depending on who's looking, who's doing the interpreting, and what point of view is being assumed, there certainly is room for reframing. However, beyond reassessing the true causes of an event, the motives of the parties involved, and the ultimate significance of an event, there


... there really is no changing what has already happened.

Revisionism notwithstanding...

The reason I say this is because first of all, I just realized that I am not an "at present" blogger. I am not a diarist. I am not a play by play announcer. Most of all, not only am I terrible at predicting the future outcome of events, I am especially terrible at judging how I will look back at myself.

Perhaps it's a self preservation instinct of sorts: To withhold strong, opinionated judgement of a present act or activity, even an opinion or a position, is in a way a means of protecting myself just in case something I am so proud of doing presently would prove to be an embarrassment at a later date.

I also am quite private, despite the amount of stuff shared here. Whatever I share, is now so long ago that it probably cannot be used against me.

More importantly however, it is probably the Existential in me talking:

"Dude, I'm just figuring things out as I go along. Can't really ask me to judge the future significance of this event when I'm still at it... eh."

That said, my Philippine trip's anniversary is closing in on its third year (counting from its end).

It is now history.

In some ways it is bad. Time has its way of eroding a few key details, even to the most profound and life changing of memories.

But in so many ways this is also good.

Wash away the sediment of fine minute detail shrouding the foundation of any experience and all that will be left is the etched landscape, the indelible mark left in the bedrock of your soul.

I will forget a few key things here and there, but at least what I will narrate is what has stayed with me all this time, what has been reified as the lessons of that trip, and the things which truly matter.

The tone will change in that certainly, this will echo the sound of memoirs. Linearity will also be thrown out the window. Regardless, I look forward to getting back at the swing of things. Target time: Fall 2010. (I didn't say I was going to do it fast!)

And yes, I know, some people make trips every year, every season, or hell, every month. I'd like to accuse of them as bourgeois, but really, you don't need much to travel nowadays - be it leisure, observation, or social involvement. I really have just been spending it on one pastime that I'm debating whether it's time to give it up.

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