Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shouldn't have sworn..
because I broke it!

Written in... I think I was in Calgary at this time. I forgot to put this as standard
Composition: Hurried.
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Well, I uhh... screwed up didn't I? I totally forgot I had sworn to at least finish talking about the revelations (oooOoooh... sounds heavy!) I had when I did my 2006-2007 trip.

"Put it in a book and sell it," she said.

Unfortunately, I'm not marketable. At least what I have to say won't be. I wasn't about to pull punches.

It shouldn't matter, because I could just work on it now, right?

That's true! ...were it not for the fact that I'm leaving for the Philippines again. YAY!

Mid December to Mid January, I'll be gone.

Anyway, cheers!

I intend to add a few more colours to this map:

From this page:

Click for My Actual Assessment!!

Next Post: Dear Filipinos, Stop Claiming that You're Spanish!

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