Thursday, October 24, 2013

Earthquake in Bohol

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Like most big news nowadays, I first got hints that something had happened in Bohol from various social media postings.

Because I have since learned to verify and triple check every piece of hearsay, I then searched for breaking news updates on traditional news sources and found out that yes, a 7.2 Magnitude earthquake had hit Bohol.

It did not take long for people to post their pictures online. Looking at, and reading about the devastation, I can't help but be saddened by the destruction. Aside from the human toll, the destruction of historical sites is also particularly devastating for me.

I've been there.

I've seen them.

I've touched them.

And I couldn't help but feel for that place and its people who have built their livelihood upon


...built their livelihood upon these historical sites and buildings. As I read from renowned tour guide, activist, and advocate for Filipino arts and Philippine Heritage, Carlos Celdran: Bohol was able to preserve its environment because of its tourism. It's because of its past, why Bohol did not have to mortgage its beaches, its rivers and its old architecture to the call of tacky modernization - a common problem in the Philippines.

March 2007
October 2013

I seriously hope everything gets restored back to its former glory.

Because if not, then what poor substitute these photos are.

Sources for the pics of devastation:

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