Monday, January 27, 2014

A Public Outburst
To the Santa Maria Munisipyo, I'm So Sorry
for something I did 7 years ago. 

29th of January 2007

Written in: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Composition: Recalling something from 7 years Ago, aided by notes.
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Every once in a while, it hits me.

A pang of guilt. A feeling of worthlessness for having done something in such poor character.

Seven years ago, when I wrote this entry, I excluded an important detail: I threw a tantrum. I yelled, I blamed the system and...


...I blamed the system and whoever it was that made the mistake. In so many words, I told off everyone in Santa Maria's Munisipyo that they suck for misspelling my name. Worse, I made myself out to be the victim in my writing - as though the Munisipyo's mistake was really that big. While I didn't verbally abuse anyone in particular, no one deserves to have heard what I said. Most importantly, the mistake was eventually fixed anyway - no thanks to my tantrum.

So what was it that I yelled out? Let's just say it was really bad. I'm still too embarrassed to say what it really was. Although I did apologize then and there, I still feel an occasional attack of guilt whenever I recall it.

So, this is my public apology.

To Santa Maria, Bulacan's Munisipyo, I am so sorry.

Seven years late? Yeah, I know, I'm bad. Sorry about that too.

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