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I'm back!
I have returned to complete this blog.

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It's hard not to address it but, it seems I am back blogging!

"Blogging" actually seems like the wrong word to use since I am now recalling things from 7 years ago. It's really more like memoirs now: Yes, it's aided by handwritten notes (geez, good thing I did not misplace/lose them! otherwise were would I be now?); yes, I also have photo evidence for many of them; but in the end, you are still reading a story relying mostly on memory.

You know what scientists say about trusting memory:  "Don't!"

It's not all that bad, I think. Like I said, I promise to never bullshit you.

If anything, one can say that memoirs have more truth in them. Think about it: After all the time that has passed, despite everything that has happened since, these are what have stuck with me to this day. The lessons I've learned, the anecdotes I can still retell, and the joys I keep close at heart... these are the ones that have really left an indelible - as well as an undeniable - mark on my life.

And so, I am back to finish what I started. 

I say "Finish" because,


...I say "Finish" because, although blogs are supposed to be constantly ongoing, I have always meant this story of my 2006-2007 Philippine vacation to have an actual ending.

But! Before I could move forward, I decided to first take a few steps back.

The four recent entries prior to this one in this newly reawakened blog (here, here, here and here) were excluded in the original narrative lineup because... well, I dunno, to be honest.

I guess I was trying to streamline my narration.

In the original story for my trip to Tagaytay with my Mom's brother, my Uncle Luis Jr. or Tito 'Boy', I left the story of the roadside vendors in the cutting room floor to preserve the positive arc of the story: That sometimes natural treasures and visual spectacle are just around the corner. Or over the ridge, in the case of that story.

I did not want to ruin that by ending on a negative note.

Just imagine if I had gone, "Oh yeah, by the way, we got cheated by vendors before we went home from that trip". That would have sucked the fun out of that Tagaytay story. Better to have made a separate entry.

The other reason is that I had a limited time online during that four and a half month vacation.

Do note that I wrote that account of what happened December the 28th, 29th, and the 30th of 2006 many months after, in February of 2007. Not only was I trying to streamline everything by only telling the parts that really mattered, I was also trying to get other things done - namely, EXPERIENCING my vacation instead of just talking about it! It is for this same reason why I had excluded the tragic death of Spot, the dog who spotted a snake for me, as well as the quack masquerading as a Hilot / practitioner of traditional medicine.

I have always meant to come back to them, but other things presented themselves as more interesting to talk about. As a consequence, I moved them to the backburner. Time and my own procrastination nearly forever relegated them to unpublished entries, or perhaps even less than that - as skeletal notes in my travel notebook. 

Then, of course, I abandoned this blog for 7 years and only now am I coming back to it... only now am I comfortable enough to narrate the rest of what happened.

Now, "comfortable" does not really mean that I have been suppressing an unpleasant and unsavory experience by excluding it - though the previous installment recalls a display of a side of me that is both unpleasant and unsavory. Instead, I use "comfortable" to mean "I don't know where or how this fits in with the rest, but now, I'm committed to the episodic blog style". Putting things in chronological order be damned.

As well, I am quite private. It's hard to blog without revealing yourself and the people around you - you eventually have to start naming the pronouns you use - but I have taken steps to eliminate full names everywhere to get a modicum of privacy. Now, 7 years removed from the incidents being talked about, I'm suddenly a lot more comfortable just narrating, telling the story.

I had grand visions of compiling all this into a book, but years later, I now realize that 1.) It is not a book-worthy piece of writing and 2.) There is great strength with online publishing (because that's what it's going to be anyway, vanity publishing) what with the ability to cross link and make maps and calendars... In short: The disjointed storytelling can still seem like a seamless, well coordinated piece, so long as I take the time to link* things together.

And so...

On with the rest of the story! 

Next Post: So, what happened in the last SEVEN years?

*Link = HTML form of linked. Not necessarily some literary technique or somesuch.

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