Friday, February 28, 2014

Nothing, just some notes on webpage layout...

Written in: Calgary, AB
Composition: Updating this blog
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I finally changed that pretentious "This is my Story" banner to something more relevant to the theme of this blog. It's still kind of tacky, but at least fits the "travel memoirs" theme. Besides, that's a mere hour's of work. I just needed something else in there.
I made the original one 7 years ago, right before I left Canada for the Philippines. The VERY NIGHT before I left, in fact!

It stayed there for such a long time because I thought it captured the last-minute, "holy crap! What am I going to get myself into!" nature of my departure. Deep down, I hated that banner, not only because it sucked, but because it was - like I said - super pretentious.

As for the rest of this site/blog/whatever... I'm keeping it largely the same. I like how it looks like it was made 2006-2007.

Besides, I've done so much customization to the sidebar that I feel I now really truly own this layout - cluttered though as it may be. At least there's a rhyme and reason to it. A kind of Table of Contents or, perhaps appropriately, Index for everything.

I might make buttons on the banner about "Home", "Timeline of Events", "Calendar", "Complete list of posts" once I'm all done. Yes, "done" as in, there will be a point where I conclude things, like a book. Because even though none of this crap is book-worthy, and vanity publishing isn't my style (nor within my means), then at least, I will have put up a piece of work that - though far from being a masterpiece - nonetheless tells the story of how I went away for four and a half months, and came back a changed person.


Ooops!  Even that still sounded pretentious and corny!


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