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White Privilege in the Philippines, Part III
White Male Privilege in Asia: It exists whether you asked for it or not.

Written in: Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
Composition: Reaction post to a so called "news story"
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If you’re a white male in Tokyo, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,’ with a Pikachu shirt (on). 
— Julien Blanc, dating expert at Real Social Dynamics


Just now, Canadian media started reporting on this Julien Blanc fellow. I've seen his story reported on CBC, Global, and CTV. It's basically everywhere, yet all I could think of is, "Canadian Media just picked up on this, just now?"

Literally: They are only now talking about this and passing it off as news. I don't mean the guy himself - his presence and the petition against him could be passed off as news I guess - but it seems to me as though Canadians are only now discussing how Asia is a playground for predatory white guys? This is news to people here?

I guess they don't know how things are over there, eh?

I don't even know where to begin, honestly, because this shit goes far back in time, perhaps all the way to the age of discovery. I feel like delivering in a flourishing Shakespearean prologue, "Since the dawn of exploration, when man discovered faraway lands, native women have been conquered thusly (pelvic thrust)." And I could say all that and it would be without any exaggeration. From Columbus, to Magellan, to Genghis Khan; conquerors have always systematically conquered with their dicks. 

Perhaps in this modern age, this practice's direct descendants can manifest themselves as racial fetishism, exoticism, and orientalism. Or over there, in Asia, they might put it more bluntly as the white guy who just wants to fuck Asians and act like king shit. 


In fact, it's such a common occurrence there, it's become a pop culture storytelling trope, a widespread cliche. Sometimes it's benign, like the guy who's just so enamoured with Asian girls for being so "exotic" that he obviously is suffering from what's commonly derisively called as "yellow fever", and sometimes...  sometimes the portrayals are of a predatory white guy or any foreigner (foreign to them), who takes advantage of his white/western/1st world privilege and male privilege in Asia.

And I bring this up because the last time I ranted about this, my white male friends made a face, and some may have even strongly suggested that I were pulling the race card. 

Me? Pulling the race card? Dude, that's so insulting, that in itself is a race card. Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean every action I do has the subtext of "fuck whitey!"  I don't hate white people, and if I ever hated anyone who happened to be white, it definitely wouldn't be because of them being white.

The point is, if anything, I'm actually defending white guys because I know white guys who aren't like this. But the fact that there are white guys who do racially fetishize Asian women, who do fantasize about the meek submissive oriental, and who do act like king shit over there... well, it kind of ruins it for everyone, doesn't it? That is the subject of discussion. Not you. So if you think I were talking about you, then, I don't know what else to say.

All I want is that when we see this predatory, racially fetishistic, orientalist, racist shit, that we call it out and come down hard. Because all those guys give genuine WMAF couples over there, and everywhere in the world, a bad name. 

Secondly, let's rewind a bit and get to what I really want to say: I would like for white guys to at least acknowledge that there is such a thing as white privilege and most importantly, white male privilege, over there. Hell, this Julien Blanc guy has figured it out, all those fat retirees with fresh faced Filipinas in their arms have figured it out, all those ugly dudes who can't score empowered liberal white chicks (their words) have turned their attention to scoring Asians instead.

The unfortunate part is that it's a two way trade. It totally exists because there is a certain class of woman over there who do throw themselves at any white face in the crowd. You, as a reasonable white guy who respects women, may feel a pang of guilt upon hearing the words white male privilege in Asia. You never asked for it, you don't feel it is all that deserved, you want to earn respect, not have it handed to you on the basis of your race... etc etc.. But trust me, it exists whether you like it or not. But it is up to you whether you take advantage of it or not.

Look, I'm not putting it out there for you to solve all on your own. 

But acknowledging it is a good start.



All that said, let's have a brief moment of utter unabashed frankness: I have baser instincts too and you know what, it's not like I haven't made use of my own foreign/westerner privilege  -  non-white though I may be. In a previous post, I have joked about how being Canadian is "an all access pass in the Philippines. It gets you through security checkpoints faster, gets you invited to prestigious shit, and it drops panties." Because it totally does.


Future Post:  I learned a new word!

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